Translation industry shifting from management to analytics thanks to Wordbee


Luxembourg, September 20, 2012



Wordbee has announced the release of a new business analytics module for their enterprise translation management system. This new process technology provides a dashboard for large Language Service Providers or businesses, where more than one-hundred real-time reports are generated for every aspect of their localization processes.

According to José Vega, Wordbee founder, the localization industry is now demanding analytics. “What we’re seeing is that, thanks to cloud solutions and new process technologies, the industry is worrying less about processes, and more about information. They want leverage. This is similar to what happened in other industries over the last ten years.”

In a recent roundtable discussion, Stephan Bohmig, CTO of Wordbee, described the module. “Our enterprise customers needed a way to see clearly how much their translators were translating, how much everything was costing, how much their sales teams were selling, and how much throughput each localization manager was managing. All of that data was in the cloud, but it needed to be displayed. And so we made it, and it’s easy to use.”

According to Anita Sempels, Wordbee Sales Manager, it’s much more than that. “Business Analytics is a tremendous win for Wordbee customers. We’re giving them a clear window into their own processes, and not only are we helping them to manage, translate, and save, but we are now helping them to make decisions.”

The analytics revolution happened long ago in other traditional industries, and for the web industry, analytics has been part of the equation nearly since the inception of the internet. Yet the translation industry was lagging. When asked why this was the case, Mr. Bohmig said, “The data was there, but it wasn’t all in the same place, and it was the least of their worries. Now that we have made all the management easier, we have a foundation for analytics, and that will change the industry.”

About Wordbee

The Wordbee translation management system was created in Luxembourg, and is a collaborative system for project management and Computer-Assisted Translation. Wordbee also offers consulting and support to companies and public administrations who want need help with the multilingual dimensions of their business. Wordbee has clients in more than fifteen countries.

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